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Maintaining a product's functionality throughout its lifecycle has not only implications on customer satisfaction as well as lifetime value, but it also carries with it an enormous potential to promote circularity for a more sustainable world.

Enabling circular economy requires your engineers and technicians to have accessible knowledge of how products function from R&D over Production to Aftersales.

Click through our use cases to see how SPREAD can help you!
Spare Parts Shop
Users can select and identify the parts they need on their machine's 3D model and get detailed information on demand. Increase revenue by offering your customers to buy replacement parts directly from your own online shop in your CI.
Spare Parts Assist
SPREAD automatically identifies instances of these parts within the model, so that the effort to create them is drastically reduced.
Error & Root Cause Editor
Create logical error patterns based on symptoms and from statistical data-derived error patterns. Determine root causes for the errors and define how to troubleshoot them, so teams can troubleshoot products quickly and intuitively.
2D Wiring Viewer
Create 2D wiring diagrams on-demand with SPREAD. Leverage a configuration-specific analysis of components and their connections to help you produce even higher quality products.
Function & E/E Product Analysis
Visualize electric components, wires and connections interactively in 3D and 2D according to your product's unique configuration on your Engineering Intelligence Network
Smart Troubleshooting
Get assistance for error cause identification and troubleshooting for in-line production, end-of-line rework stations, and repair workshops with SPREAD
2D Wiring Diagram Creation
Interactive creation of logical and physical wire connections between components. You can easily publish diagrams and share them with other users, reducing development time and design errors, and increasing specification compliance.

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