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Mass-producing individualized products with the highest quality is an immense challenge. Engineers have to design the production process itself, while considering hundreds of restraints and correcting failures as early as possible to avoid quality issues and recalls.

Check out our use cases to see how SPREAD helps manufacturers produce even higher quality products!
Precedence Relations for Assembly Planning
Automatically create precedence relations based on geometry data with a synchronized view between the 3D model and the derived relations.
Error & Root Cause Editor
Create logical error patterns based on symptoms and from statistical data-derived error patterns. Determine root causes for the errors and define how to troubleshoot them, so teams can troubleshoot products quickly and intuitively.
2D Wiring Viewer
Create 2D wiring diagrams on-demand with SPREAD. Leverage a configuration-specific analysis of components and their connections to help you produce even higher quality products.
Function & E/E Product Analysis
Visualize electric components, wires and connections interactively in 3D and 2D according to your product's unique configuration on your Engineering Intelligence Network
Smart Troubleshooting
Get assistance for error cause identification and troubleshooting for in-line production, end-of-line rework stations, and repair workshops with SPREAD

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