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SPREAD use cases

Error & Root Cause Editor

Create logical error patterns based on symptoms and from statistical data-derived error patterns.

Determine root causes for the errors and define how to troubleshoot them, so teams can troubleshoot products quickly and intuitively.
Results & KPIs
Intuitive error guidance
Faster troubleshooting
Reduction in knowledge loss

Symptom library

Import and manage error symptoms, causes, and troubleshooting measures from product components, related production processes, and facilities.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Error patterns

Detect and analyze frequently occurring patterns of error symptoms based on error statistics and define troubleshooting measures, so you can prevent errors and increase the quality of your products down the line.

Troubleshooting logic

Define troubleshooting steps for each error pattern based on the error chain, so you can ensure your teams can efficiently troubleshoot any machine without any delay.
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CUBE '22 - Session 1

Achieving a higher first-pass-yield