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SPREAD use cases

2D Wiring Viewer

Create 2D wiring diagrams on-demand with SPREAD.

Leverage a configuration-specific analysis of components and their connections to help you produce even higher quality products.
Results & KPIs
Quick and intuitive change of the analyzed component
Reduced errors due to exact configuration recreation
Fast and easy access to communciation details

Configuration twin

Access an exact digital representation of a physical product based on configuration-specific data reduction. This allows you to onboard technical teams for in-line production, end-of-line rework, and aftersales workshops much faster than before.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Interactive wiring diagram

Visualize an interactive model of a product's communication network and connection details in 2D wiring diagrams. This gives you fast an easy access to the information you need without spending hours searching through PDF documents.

Communication analysis

Get a focused analysis of one component's connections and communication partners, including wiring, signal and specification details. You can use this analysis to quickly and intuitively make changes to the component if needed.
Dashboard mockup