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Our product

Engineering Intelligence Graph for Systems Engineering

Integrate product data from a variety of domains. With our Engineering Intelligence Graph, engineers get accurate, transparent, and traceable information much faster.

SPREAD value-add

Automated knowledge sharing

SPREAD makes domain-specific information accessible in context to cross-functional teams. Through our intuitive interfaces, anybody can gain access to the knowledge required.

Intelligent Systems Engineering

Our platform is the first that enables holistic systems engineering approaches for mechatronic products, giving users the ability to judge functional chains for the overall system.

Increased innovation potential

Through a holistic system understanding, engineers can focus on bold innovation instead of being stuck in information search and alignments
How it works

4 steps to an end-to-end
product journey

From distributed product data to actionable engineering intelligence.
Step 1

Connect your data sources

Create a standardized interpretation of your data by integrating your different data sources, including existing systems, structured, or unstructured data.
Step 2

Map information 
into context

Create logical connections by mapping the data to SPREAD’s normalized information model. This helps you quickly establish a comprehensive understanding of the data across domains.
Step 3

Customize your applications

Build custom applications that give you the control and flexibility you need over the product information required for your specific use case - with our low-code environment SPREAD Studio.
Step 4

Apply engineering

With data in context, you can simply select your app and apply the insights where you need them – from Engineering, to Integration, Production, and Aftersales.

How our customers use SPREAD

See how engineers from all product lifecycle phases use SPREAD to get accurate, transparent, and traceable information much faster.
See all our solutions
Architecture Assistant

Understand the logical dependencies of your systems

Build a digital representation of your mechatronic systems including it’s components, relations and specifications. This helps engineers and experts in all stages of the product lifecycle to better understand how functions work.
Troubleshooting Assistant

Find faulty E/E, software & other components much faster

With our error diagnostic application, engineers and service technicians reduce the time needed for troubleshooting malfunctions in mechatronic systems during R&D, Production, and Aftersales.
Assembly Planner

Speed up assembly planning with algorithm-based suggestions

SPREAD combines 3D and product data to help you plan assembly steps faster and also optimize existing assembly processes, making them more work- and time-efficient.
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