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Our product

Your Engineering

SPREAD connects engineering data across the product lifecycle to help you create more innovative and sustainable products more efficiently
SPREAD in numbers

Our impact on our customers' product lifecycle

Savings per production line per year
Search time for error root cause information
Weight saved per wiring harness
Higher Aftersales revenue from spare part sales

A new medium for engineering intelligence

SPREAD connects engineering data across the product lifecycle to help you create more innovative and sustainable products more efficiently
How it works

SPREAD makes all of your product data accessible, intuitive, and actionable.

Engineering teams from R&D to Aftersales use SPREAD’s Engineering Intelligence Network to save time, reduce their environmental impact, and save millions in inefficiencies.

1. Use Cases

Select your target use case

Define a target area and let your Engineering Intelligence Network help you optimize your products. SPREAD gives you actionable insights at every phase of your products’ lifecycle, whether your goal is to design more sustainable products, increase quality, create intuitive technical documentations, or eliminate millions in inefficiencies.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
2. Connect

Connect your data and systems

Leverage SPREAD’s agnostic import functionality. Connect all kinds of product data from your existing workflows to gain an objective understanding of the entire system in one intelligent network.
3. Data Mapping

Link your data to SPREAD's knowledge model

SPREAD analyzes product data to extract engineering insights. It brings them into a context that is scalable across the product lifecycle. You get one knowledge model – an Engineering Intelligence Network – that encompasses different normalized engineering domains like hardware, electronics, and software.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
4. SPREAD Studio

Customize to your specific needs

Get more out of your product data with SPREAD Studio’s mix-and-match interfaces, like 3D or 2D visualizations, analytics, and dashboards with individual queries or views. With SPREAD’s modular capabilities, you can access the combined knowledge of the different product domains, enabling you to really grasp every dimension of your products’ functioning system.
Learn more

SPREAD resources

Videos, case studies, guides, industry best practices, and news.
2 min video

SPREAD Engineering Intelligence Network

SPREAD helps engineers create smarter, more sustainable products more efficiently. Our product is designed for complex connected hardware products like vehicles, appliances, and heavy machinery.
5 min video

Service manuals: SPREAD for Porsche workshops

Linking CAD- Data, Meta Data and Automotive Workshop Media to Create a New Product Understanding - A video case study between Porsche and SPREAD
10 min video

Wiring Harnesses: what the newcomers do differently

Watch the keynote presentation by Daniel Metzinger, Product Manager & wiring harness expert at SPREAD, from Bordnetze Ingolstadt at Bayern Innovativ 2022.