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SPREAD use cases

Smart Troubleshooting

Get assistance for error cause identification and troubleshooting for in-line production, end-of-line rework stations, and repair workshops with SPREAD
Results & KPIs
Faster error search and troubleshooting
Higher first-pass yield
Reduction in rework costs

Error analysis

See any errors detected on your product's diagnosis results and locate their position in your 3D model. SPREAD helps you take the guess work out of rework so your customers can get products faster and with even higher quality.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Error cause suggestions

Get error cause suggestions and repair messages based on previously reported error causes and connection network analysis. This helps you troubleshoot products faster, leading to a higher first-pass yield.

Error feedback

Report defective components or wires as error causes directly on SPREAD. This supports the continuous improvement and higher accuracy of SPREAD's prediction algorithm to help you manufacture even better products.
Dashboard mockup
CUBE '22 - Session 1

Achieving a higher first-pass-yield