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One engineering intelligence network to connect your entire product knowledge

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What we do

SPREAD makes all of your product data accessible, intuitive, and actionable.

Engineering teams from R&D to Aftersales use SPREAD’s Engineering Intelligence Network to create more innovative and sustainable machines more efficiently.

This is a machine.
Getting its functions and features to work is a complex balance of hardware, electronics, and software. It works thanks to intelligent engineering.
Thousands of engineers and specialists work together to develop, manufacture, and maintain this machine.
Synchronizing all of their knowledge is incredibly challenging. Their tools were simply not built to share engineering intelligence.
This challenge leads to wasted time, effort and materials. Most of all, wasted potential to make this machine more efficient and sustainable

Uncover the hidden potential of your engineering intelligence with SPREAD


Create & share designs with suppliers, validate technical requirements, save costs, and reduce your machine’s environmental footprint with SPREAD.


With SPREAD, you can offer your customers products with even higher quality and increase the first pass yield of your production line.


SPREAD enables you to export documentation, configure your own shop for spare parts, and quickly troubleshoot any machine.


SPREAD helps automakers manage the product complexity across the lifecycle, so engineers can have more time to focus on sustainability, quality, and innovation.


Along the product lifecycle, engineers and technicians working on even the most diverse machines can access intuitive and precise product information with SPREAD.


SPREAD gives OEMs clear transparency about the interoperability of the aircraft's entire system, so you can ensure full operability and functionality.

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