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Engineering Intelligence Graph

Empowering Engineers with Engineering Intelligence

What is SPREAD

SPREAD builds app-based Engineering Intelligence solutions based on our unique Enginieering Intelligence Graph

Our Engineering Intelligence Graph logically connects and contextualizes various types of product data, so that industrial engineers get accurate and actionable product information with more transparency and speed in their flow of work.

Mechatronic systems are getting ever more complex

Getting a system’s functions and features to work is a complex balance of mechanics, electronics, and software. Innovating a system requires a lot of thought going into the interdependencies between the different domains.
Status quo

These systems can only be manufactured by complex organizations

It takes thousands of engineers to develop, manufacture, and maintain a complex mechatronic system. They each hold specialized domain knowledge and work with many different tools daily.

Synchronizing engineering knowledge from different domains is necessary at each stage of the product lifecycle.

Synchronizing product knowledge is challenging

Engineers work with siloed tools containing data in fragments. This makes sharing information inefficient because it can only be done manually in small increments.

The lack of accessible information in context slows down work, wastes resources, and leaves opportunities to innovate unrealized.

SPREAD connects engineers across domains

Our information model represents how mechatronic systems work. It connects existing tools and puts data into logical context, making it easy for engineers throughout the organization to consider critical dependencies in their flow of work.

This means they can save time, make fact-based decisions efficiently, and spend more time on solving complex engineering tasks.
What we do

Engineering Intelligence makes complex systems intuitive for everyone

Our platform contains apps, as well as AI & low-code capabilities, so that users have the flexibility to work with the information they need, as they need it for their use case.

With SPREAD, engineers can create reliable systems, deliver outcomes on schedule, and innovate with confidence.
Engineering Intelligence Network

Go from managing complexity to creating the next era of mechatronic systems

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