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SPREAD use cases

Spare Part Shop

Users can select and identify the parts they need on their machine's 3D model and get detailed information on demand.

Increase revenue by offering your customers to buy replacement parts directly from your own online shop in your CI.
Results & KPIs
Faster identification of spare parts
Easily set up your online shop
30% Increase in spare part sales

Spare part overview

Navigate the 3D twin of your product and search for the spare part you need. See only specific groups of parts when you filter based on defined tags, like screws and bearings. With SPREAD, you can identify replacement parts much faster, so you can reduce the downtime of your machine.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

3D model interaction

The user can interact with the 3D model and select the parts they need. On SPREAD's Engineering Intelligence Network, they can get more detailed information about each part, so end users can quickly identify the parts that need to be serviced or reordered.

Shopping cart

Users can easily add their selected replacement parts to their shopping cart. Based on the order, they can request an offer directly from the manufacturer or the dealer.
Dashboard mockup