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SPREAD welcomes Steinunn Arnardottir as Vice President of Engineering

Berlin, September 14th – SPREAD announces that Steinunn Arnardottir will join the team as Vice President of Engineering. In this new position, Steinunn will lead the engineering department alongside SPREAD Chief Technology Officer Tomas Karlsson through the next phases of growth.  

Steinunn's engineering career began as a result of her early interest in music and her experience as a DJ. This led her to focus on music technology. She enrolled in Electrical Engineering studies in Iceland and later specialized in Music Technology and Digital Signal Processing at Stanford University.

Following her studies, she spent over 10 years at Native Instruments, a Berlin-based company renowned for its integrated audio hardware and software solutions for music production and DJing.

She joined Native Instruments as a Digital Signal Processing Engineer and spent several years doing research related to audio signal processing. She developed digital audio effects, including filters, reverbs, and compressors for a range of products. Many of these are still widely used in music production today.

She then transitioned into managerial roles, first as Director of Engineering and then as Senior Director of Engineering. This shift led her to collaborate with a diverse range of teams across various domains, spanning from platform services to web, and data.

During her tenure there, she witnessed the company's remarkable growth from 120 to over 600 employees. She played a pivotal role at Native Instruments, building and managing a team of 80 engineers and Technical Product Owners located in Berlin and Los Angeles. She held the responsibility of shaping the organization's technical strategy and guiding it toward the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

After Native Instruments, Steinunn co-founded Totoli, an EdTech start-up building products aimed at teaching children to have a mindful relationship with technology.  

Both of Steinunn’s previous roles shared a focus on making technology accessible to more people, with one centered around democratizing music production tools, and the other dedicated to the conscious & responsible introduction of media technology to young children.

“What got me interested in SPREAD was this approach to accessibility and the concept of technology bringing people together,” says Steinunn. “After sitting down with Robert and Philipp, I was genuinely impressed by the company's mission of making product information easily accessible and actionable for everybody.”

“Steinunn is the ideal fit for this key position. She has extensive experience in building flexible and modular platforms and hands-on experience in developing an early-stage start-up,” says Robert Göbel, Co-Founder and Managing Director at SPREAD.

"SPREAD’s software solution is mind-blowing," said Steinunn. "There is a lot of potential there that I see both in the product and in the team, and I am very excited to be a part of it."

In her role at SPREAD, Steinunn will work closely with Chief Technology Officer Tomas Karlsson to optimize the engineering team's organizational structure to support the scaling of both the product and platform.

“Having Steinunn as Vice President of Engineering is a significant milestone for SPREAD. She is a valuable addition to the team; we are happy to welcome her on board,” says Tomas Karlsson. “We are excited to take our journey to the next level with her and become the source of truth for complex systems.”

About SPREAD:  

SPREAD makes product data accessible, intuitive, and actionable. Our Engineering Intelligence Network connects all kinds of product information to help engineering teams gain an objective understanding of ultra-complex systems like cars, aircraft, and machinery.    

With use cases from R&D to Aftersales, SPREAD is helping customers like Mercedes, VW, and Infineon to accelerate development cycles, increase quality, eliminate millions in inefficiencies, and reduce their environmental footprint.  

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