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Control Tower

Ensure fact-based steering in every engineering project

Anyone building state-of-the-art products today also has to digitize project management. And yet, information channels in many critical engineering projects are still analog. Manually created status KPIs for example are prone to human errors and do not fit into companies creating highly modern, complex systems.

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Live dashboards for all management levels based on real, reliable product data create a data-based truth that enables your team to make effective decisions.
Control Tower
Understand function maturities
Understand function maturities
All Domains
Control Tower
Function managers get an overview of function changes and delays to get better control of the development of the overall system and ensure milestones are met.
Build your own applications
Build your own applications
All Domains
Get fact-based insights for any use case. Easily build custom apps within minutes in our low-code SPREAD Studio. Simply connect your data and choose from a variety of interfaces, pre-built widgets, and tailored analyses for your domain-specific needs.
Other Core-Applications
Sequence Planning
Speed up assembly planning with algorithm-based suggestions
SPREAD combines 3D and product data to help you plan assembly steps faster and also optimize existing assembly processes, making them more work- and time-efficient.
Error Management
Find faulty E/E, software & other components much faster
With our error diagnostic application, engineers and service technicians reduce the time needed for troubleshooting malfunctions in mechatronic systems during R&D, Production, and Aftersales.
System Architecture
Understand the logical dependencies of your systems
Build a digital representation of your mechatronic systems including it’s components, relations and specifications. This helps engineers and experts in all stages of the product lifecycle to better understand how functions work.
Other phases
Ensure lower warranty costs & fewer recalls by empowering workers with end-to-end product data
Take a look at how SPREAD achieves more system transparency in Aftersales.
Resolve errors faster and achieve higher first-pass yields in manufacturing
Take a look at how SPREAD can help you find and fix production errors faster and produce even more efficiently and with higher quality!
Develop & integrate complex systems more efficiently with data in context
Take a look at how SPREAD helps your team work together more efficiently and quickly to ensure the technical functionality and compliance of your systems.