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SPREAD use cases

Wiring Savings Analysis Dashboard

Intelligent analysis of imported component and wiring data on your dashboard.

For example, SPREAD identifies optimization potential for of the wiring cross section, so you can design the most cost-efficient, weight-optimized, and sustainable wiring harnesses.
Results & KPIs
Faster verification of specification conformity
Reduction of errors & inefficiencies
Reduction of product's CO2 footprint

Wiring harness optimization

Apply various rules for the optimization of wires and the identification of underspecified connections. With SPREAD, you can optimize your wiring harness to increase efficiency, save costs, and reduce weight while validating specification conformity.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Configuration twin

Access an exact digital representation of a physical product based on configuration-specific data reduction. This allows a vehicle-specific analysis of wiring harness data.

EMC analysis

Get an overview about electro magnetic risks in your product. This way, you can prevent future errors and ensure an even higher quality of your product's electronic system by reducing errors during development and production phase.
Dashboard mockup
CUBE '22 - Session 1

Optimizing designs for sustainability