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SPREAD use cases

Best-fit Wire Suggestion

SPREAD suggests the best possible wires based on electrical component and environmental requirements, so you can design your wiring harness with peak performance and efficiency.
Results & KPIs
Reduction of errors and inefficiencies
Reducing costs (material and personal)
Improved specification conformity

Wire suggestions

Automatic suggestions of wires based on the electrical component specifications and the environmental requirements like temperature, connection length and installation space. This allows you speed up the development and ensuring high quality by reducing errors.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Rule management

Apply, manage or change rules for wire suggestions. This gives you total control what KPIs or factors to optimize for – from weight reduction, to cost optimization, to material selection, and whatever is best for your engineering needs.

Cable and material manager

Get even better suggestions by updating and managing your cable and material library. This gives you a broader possibility of cable suggestions and helps you further optimize your design according to the requirements.
Dashboard mockup
CUBE '22 - Session 1

Optimizing designs for sustainability