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Our third annual


Thank you everyone for making CUBE'23 such a success.
CUBE is our engineering intelligence conference bringing together our community of tech leaders, engineers, and industry experts.
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November 7th, 2024
Why "CUBE"?

A cube is more than its three dimensions, six sides, and twelve edges. They can be examined from many different perspectives and disciplines, yet they are all connected together.

Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Our vision

That’s our vision for CUBE. A platform bringing together people across functions, domains, and industries around a single purpose: connecting people through shared knowledge.

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December 22, 2023
Kai Xiang Wang

John Deere, Rheinmetall, and TU Berlin share their experiences with Systems Engineering to manage product complexity

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December 21, 2023
Daniel Wilms

CARIAD and Renumics on the opportunities of AI applications and LLMs in Manufacturing

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December 13, 2023
Frederik Günther

Introducing our platform: 4 steps to an end-to-end product journey

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CUBE is an invite-only conference for the SPREAD community. We bring together tech & engineering leaders across industries for a full day of workshops, expert sessions, panel discussions, and of course, good food & fun.

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Who we met

Previous speakers

At every CUBE conference, we welcome community members from tech, engineering, and industry.
Prof. Dr. Lydia  Kaiser
TU Berlin
Professor for Digital Engineering 4.0
Dr. Stefan Suwelack
CEO and Co-Founder

Fabian Klein
Safety Expert for ADAS/AD
Torben Franzke
Franzke & Löser
Dr. Marc Honikel
Vice President of Engineering
Adnan Bekan
BMW Group
Cluster Lead: Data Architecture & Middleware, Digital Vehicle Infrastructure
Dr. Christian von Holst
John Deere
Global Tractor Systems Engineering Lead
Bernd Mrohs
Solution Lead Automotive Digital Services, Infotainment, and Connected Mobility
Huong Nguyen
Chair for Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems
Chris Seiler
Product Owner and Team Lead
Henri Höse
Stadler Rail AG
Team Leader for Software Engineering in Diagnosis Systems
Torben Materna
Team Leader for Hardware Electronics
Christoph Schulz-Linkholt
Infineon Technologies AG
Lead Principal System Architect Power Distribution
Michael Schmidt
BMW Group
General Manager Digitalization Production System and Cyber Security
Frank Homberger
Development for Digital Verification Processes
Dr. Robert Lüdcke
Technical Expert for Development Methodology

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