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SPREAD use cases

Precedence Relations for Assembly Planning

Automatically create precedence relations based on geometry data with a synchronized view between the 3D model and the derived relations.
Results & KPIs
Faster creation of precedence graph
Earlier analisys of unknown dependencies
Higher number of assembly options

BoM sync & model reduction

Reduction of the CAD model to the assembly level based on the Bill of Material. This allows you to create precedence graphs much faster and ensure a smooth planning process.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Dependency analysis

Analyze the structure and the geometry of the assemblies regarding precedence relations. Get instant feedback on unknown dependencies, so you can avoid costly feedback loops further down the planning process.

Precedence graph

Track and investigate the precedence relations on SPREAD. Access a synchronized & interactive view of your machine with a 3D model representation and the derived precedence graph.
Dashboard mockup